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Social networks continue to be an interesting and booming alternative for brand positioning and the promotion of companies and businesses of all kinds. Taking into account the great variety, if we want to have a presence in them, it is advisable to know which are the most convenient depending on the company's area of ​​activity and the objectives and purpose of the social media strategy.

We We will focus on explaining audio format:

in april 2020, the highest point of the pandemic, Clubhouse stormed. It started as an exclusive mobile application. Now it is no longer necessary to access it by invitation. All social networks have launched their own alternatives, so the interest in Clubhouse has dropped in recent months.

Clubhouse is a social network only in audio format that allows you to listen to conversations between people, as if you were listening to the radio. It favors a closeness that does not exist with a radio journalist or podcaster. When you enter a room of your interest, you can request the floor and talk to the creator of the content.

Another social network that is rising like foam is Discord, is a free platform that incorporates the accessible user interface found in apps like Slack, with video and voice chat, skype style. Allows you to connect Steam, Twitch, The Five o'clock Dance, Spotify y Xbox. Combine private communications with public rooms: it's great to communicate with your friends while you play, but also to meet other players and socialize. You can communicate with text, voice or broadcast live.

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